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Professional development. Personal growth. Organizational strengthening. Social Impact.
Education that Transforms for Good

Change starts with you 

Game changing education to solve
our world's most pressing problems.

 Grassroots U is a professional development and organizational capacity-building program in  social entrepreneurship. 

We build human capacity to make and lead social change.  

We strengthen organizations to be sustainable and create impact.

We build ecosystems to support social entrepreneurs where we work.



A journey of change and self-discovery in social and economic justice.

Game Changing Education 

"I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand"

~ Confucius, 450 BC

Since 2004 we've pushed the boundaries on conventional education to discover the best ways to teach, inspire and empower social change makers.  Over the years, we've learned a lot about what works and have sought to incorporate these key aspects of successful experiential education into all of our programs. 

Real learning happens through experience. Our program methodology emphasizes learning-by-doing education.  We made the conscious decision to move away from classroom teaching  in favor of practical learning.  










Our programs imbue participants with skills, experience, tools and networks through an experiential process. Grassroots U programs yields personal growth, inspires leadership, builds professional capacity, helps participants re-imagine their future, and empowers them to make change.​

"Life Changing."

—Tracy Granda, Global Program Management, Flextronics


Grassroots U Transforms 

Build marketable skills and relevant experience in social entrepreneurship by working with industry experts and social entrepreneurs. 

Participants  undertake consulting and technical assistance projects inside social organizations, practice coaching,  conduct living cases, work in communities of practice, etc. Grassroots U provides a foundation for a new career or enhancing an existing one. 


A journey of self-discovery in the context of social and economic justice that increases self-awareness, self-esteem and a sense of identity.  Participants explore their role as a change maker by testing new skills, helping others and serving in a leadership capacity.  They envision a higher purpose and build a plan that to realize their aspirations and potential.


Strength organizations' 

social impact and sustainability through expert technical tools and learning how to lead processes that improve performance. Participants learn best practices by working collaboratively with leading social entrepreneurs to address real challenges. Participants working for social organizations develop capacity building plans to implement at home.  


Our tripartite educational organization creates impact by transforming individuals, communities, organizations into change makers. We teach people through experiential methods to lead and make change. We build organizational 

capacity to create more impact. We collaborate

 with local communities to address problems and improve social outcomes. 


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