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Healthcare professional

Graduate students -health fields


Graduate Students

All disciplines welcome

14 Days/15 nights


*Credits available


Rare opportunity to join a closed course being offered through Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia. 


This practical course teaches students to how to use design skills to craft solutions to complex social problems.  Using experiential learning methods that put affected people at the center of the design process, this multi-discipline course takes students though a design thinking process while imparting concrete development experience and building practical skills for the 21st century.

Through field exercises, site visits, workshops, and consulting projects participants explore social problems and challenges in India as well as innovative approaches and management practices to solve them.

This accredited MBA course is being offered through Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia is appropriate for graduate students from all disciplines interested in social entrepreneurship, design, nonprofit management, social business, and international development.  

“The most valuable learning experience I’ve had in my pursuit of higher education."

- Elise Kubrisk, BA, University of Oregon

For students we offer open enrollment credits and non-credited courses, internships and consulting programs for students.  

Are you and educator? Learn about our custom designed and co-created courses. 

Grassroots U Course Benefits

Practical Skills - build hard skills and life skills for career development and personal growth. 

Work Experience – gain actual field work experience in social entrepreneurship and development.

Expert Facilitators Rooted in Practice – learn from professionals and well-known thought leaders with decades of on-the-ground experience working in social enterprises.

Essential Frameworks – use best practice social entrepreneurship frameworks such as Human Centered Design and Business Plan Canvas through a hands-on applied processes.

Real-life circumstances - gain an honest and holistic appraisal of the immense challenges, and tremendous benefits, of solving social problems.

Networks – interact with  leading social entrepreneurs, service providers,  social investors, peers, and academics. Re-connect with alumni after the program.

Multiculturalism - work, earn and play with local peers and professionals. Experience cross-cultural dynamics when exploring solutions to social problems. 

Small groups – Grassroots U limits the size of its programs to enable team work, relationship building and peer-learning and sharing to transpires in small groups. 

Knowledge products – apply expert social enterprise strategic and management resources pioneered and used by Virtue Ventures.

Personal Growth – practice leadership through projects and exercises, reflect on experience, develop a vision for the future, and a corresponding personal plan.

Create impact – contribute to the work of a social enterprise or NGO through needs-based projects and consulting assignments.

Career Readiness – increase qualifications and improve for finding a job or creating a social enterprise. 

Application - conduct exercises that connect how to integrate Grassroots U experience to life at home and plan next steps.  

Continued support - get follow up help to implement concepts and plans through Grassroots U partners and parent organization, Virtue Ventures.

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