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Organizational Capacity. Sustainability. Social Enterprise. Strategy. 

Capacity building that works 

Social enterprise has proven to be an effective model to achieve sustainability and social impact of development organizations.

Social entrepreneurship is a powerful approach to strengthen capacity of development organizations.

USAID funded capacity building program for CSOs


The Grassroots U team has decades of social entrepreneurship experience working in international development.


Our parent organization, Virtue Ventures, founded in 2000, was the first social enterprise consulting firm dedicated to starting and growing social enterprise in developing countries.


The Grassroots U team has the technical competence and expertise to render highly effective social enterprise and capacity building programs to international development practitioners and funders.

Learn more about how Grassroots U's skilled technical experts can create a program to satisfy your organization's  learning needs.

Social enterprise offers a new paradigm for creating social impact, the beauty of which is its inherent sustainability.


Using a flexible experiential learning methodology, Grassroots U runs the gamut of soup to nuts social enterprise programs for development practitioners.

Start up

Conceive, design, and launch social enterprises

Social entrepreneurship  builds capacity of social sector organizations through business tools, entrepreneurship, sound management practices and financial discipline.

Grassroots U programs can be designed to address any number of capacity building issues, from sustainability planning or market research to the specific, like how to design a social enterprise or develop a particular product.

Capacity building programs can be customized for many different audiences, including board members and executives, funders, social entrepreneurs, program or functional managers, and country directors. Program cohorts can be comprised of participants from one country or cross representation from around the globe.

Contact us if you are interested a capacity building or social enterprise for your program development organization. 

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Capacity Building


Programs for development practitioners are exclusively conducted by contract and designed to meet the specific learning objectives of the development organization, intermediary, network, or funding agency. 

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