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Summer 2018

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A practically oriented professional development program for working people and graduate students interested in pursuing a career in social entrepreneurship or working in a developing country.  

This program offers a solid foundation in social entrepreneurship and impact work by providing essential best practice frameworks, skills development, on-the-job training, technical workshops and workplace experience.  Format is flexible, ranging from between 3 and 7 weeks to accommodate time constraints of working professionals.


For: Graduate students; working and retired professionals


dates: Program: July 7-15, 2018 

+ 2-6 weeks consulting  following training

Duration: 3-7 weeks

Cost: $3,200 includes program + 2 weeks of consulting.  

+$800 for 2 additional weeks consulting

+$1200 for 4 additional weeks consulting

*course CREDITS: 

Graduate academic credits available through university partner (contact us)

Limited enrollment

 Examples of Past projects

  • Business plan for vocational training enterprise targeting poor and marginalized youth.

  • Social impact metrics and  tracking system for a women’s organization. 

  • Gap analysis and strategic plan to scale microfinance institution.

  • Design of technology enabled fundraising program.

  • Concept and feasibility study for CSR recycling program to support street kids.

  • Sustainability plan for rural expansion of telemedicine. 

  • Advocacy campaign to raise support for homeless shelter. 

  • Redesign of handicraft products & marketing plan for disable person-run social enterprise.

  • Social marketing campaign for managing diabetes in rural areas.

  • Financial modeling and integrated accounting system for a nonprofit with multiple social enterprises.

The objectives of Social Enterprise and Impact Consulting are for participants to gain solid technical skills and credible work experience in international development and social enterprise.  The program is rigorous and fast-paced. Participants must hit the ground running in accelerated pre-consulting training that sets the development and country context, teaches social entrepreneurship fundamental frameworks and theory, and prepares participants to render consulting services to social enterprises and nonprofits in just a week.

Requests for consultants come to Grassroots U from our partner organizations seeking assistance on any manner of challenges, technical needs, or pain points they face. Our partners also work in many different sectors and industries.  Because consulting projects are crafted in response to the specific requirements, every assignment is needs based and unique. 

Consultancies are designed to add value to partner organizations while contributing to Grassroots U participants' learning. Consultant-consulting assignment matches are made by aligning participants’ interests, skills and experience to the technical and support needs of client organizations.  Soft skills, gender, location, personalities and other attributes are also considered when pairing consultants with projects. Consulting assignments are tightly scoped by professional consultants to ensure they have clear milestones and deliverables. Consultants work individually or in teams depending on the project, but they always work with local counterparts.  Consultancies are closely monitored and participants receive professional support and mentoring throughout the project.

Expert-led technical workshops are offered weekly to Grassroots U participants and their local consulting colleagues. Workshops focus on practical strategies and tactics addressing common issues that social enterprises face: achieving financial sustainability; managing mission and money tensions; leadership development; measuring impact, organizational performance; market responsiveness; strategic planning; fundraising, marketing and growth planning.


Grassroots U participants explore their own vision of social entrepreneurship, and design personal and professional road maps for success after the program. 

Social Enterprise and Impact consulting

Learn technical aspects of creating social impact and development consulting from leading experts.
Tools & Best Practices
Learn state-of-the-art frameworks, tools and approaches to apply to impact work and social ventures during consulting, at home,
or in new careers.
International Development
Gain credible developing country work experience in a given sector. Learn about strategies to effect change. 
Work with local peers on collaborative projects and benefit from multiple and multicultural perspectives as well as local expertise. 
Learn how to impart 
knowledge, implement change, support leadership and manage impact project results.  
Apply your skills and experience to create impact by helping to build capacity of a local impact organization though consulting.
Meet and connect with other like-minded  peers and professionals.  Make friends for life and new job contacts. 
Vision for a New Future
One-on-one coaching to help set personal and professional goals based on experience and make a plan to achieve them.



Consulting projects are crafted in response to needs and requirements of our partners.  All consulting assignments are authentic and bring real value to partner organizations and social enterprises. 

  • Business planning

  • Product & process design 

  • Feasibility studies

  • Concept development

  • Business & financial modeling

  • Marketing plans

  • PR & social marketing

  • Market research & analysis

  • Business & program design

  • Organizational development

  • Social impact measurements

  • Operations & systems design

  • Financial sustainability

  • Strategic fundraising

  • Process improvement

  • Industry best practices

  • Performance management

  • Technology adoption

  • Leadership development

  • Social audits

  • and more...


practical skills

work experience 

career& Personal  development

meaningful projects 

tECHNICAL workshops

professIonal networks


Local Colleagues

What costs are included


  • Pre-consulting training

  • Professionally led workshops, lectures and training 

  • Site visits to social ventures and field projects

  • Faculty, subject matter experts and social entrepreneurs

  • Project placement and mentoring support 

  • In-country travel - all transportation including airport pickup and drop off, field visits and excursions 

  • All lodging 

  • Meals during pre-consulting training and program workshops

  • All educational materials and supplies

What's  not includeD


  • Round trip international airfare to / from India

  • Visas and vaccinations 

  • Food and entertainment during consulting assignment

  • Meals, transportation during consulting assignment *

  • Tourism and travel outside of regular program  

  • Indian mobile phone/cell charges in India

  • Souvenirs, gifts and personal items  

  • Medical expenses

  • Academic credits through internationally accredited local university ($100 per credit hour).  Students to do due diligence on costs and requirements for their home universities to accept credits)  


* Host consulting organizations often pay or provide travel
   and meals on work days. 


“The social enterprise consulting program in India is a capstone-like practicum calling upon the skills of a traditional MBA program, interestingly complicated by the vastly different culture in which these skills are applied. This twist undermines existing assumptions paving the way for true innovation while adding adventure and intrigue to the equation.”

— Joshua Mathis, MBA Student, Portland State University



India boasts the perfect alchemy for social entrepreneurship to thrive. A highly entrepreneurial country, India has world class learning institutions, cutting edge technology, a culture of innovation, and excellent human resource capacity.  Home to the world’s largest middle class, the Indian economy is booming and its legal environment is enabling for social enterprise. The country boasts at once a rich history of social and economic justice, massive intractable poverty and other deeply rooted social problems. 

Kailash Satyarthi, 2014 Nobel Prize winner Founder of Bachpan Bachao Andolan and GoodWeave 

Mallika Dutt & sonali khan of breakthrough 

Amitabha Sadangi of IDE India 

Dr. Venkataswamy of Aravind

Neelam Chhiber of Mother Earth

Bunker Roy of Barefoot College

Inderjit Kaurana of Train platform schools